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San Pellegrino old style


The bubbles of a bottle of San Pellegrino represent the joy of Italian dining around the world.  They dominate the tables of the most elegant restaurants and accompany the finest dishes with a crisp and refreshing taste.  But that’s not all!  Whether you’re 9 years old or 99, the sparkling bubbles of San Pellegrino are a symbol of the Italian state of mind.  The sparkling San Pellegrino “gassosa” with its bittersweet flavor has, since the mid-50s been a sign of family, friends, good company and simple food.


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The vintage clavetta collection


San Pellegrino was founded in 1899, but the birth of the first sparkling fruit beverage was in 1932 when Ezio Granelli offered his clients water mixed with orange juice. This was the beginning of a legend: the San Pellegrino orangeade.

The unmistakable San Pellegrino bubbles were born in the popular “clavetta” glass bottle which had a round shape at the bottom and lightly pitted glass that resembled the peel of a citrus fruit.  Created in 1932, this container represented all of the San Pellegrino sparkling fruit beverages.  It was redesigned in PET at the end of the 90s and returned to the limelight again in 2007 in a re-edition of the glass version.


Clavetta bottle evolution from 50's

The clavetta's evolution since the 50s


For children who grew up in the 50s through the 70s, it was a real mark of honor to get your hands on a clavetta, but perhaps the best prize was the bottle cap which you could use to play games with your friends. You can see that same joyful feeling on the faces of people who smile while drinking from a clavetta today.


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Chinotto vintage edition - for people who stay in, for people who go out, but most of all for people who stand out.



For kids at heart, the best grown-ups only version of the famous Italian San Pellegrino bubbles was and still is the Gassosa e Vino, a cocktail created from lemon San Pellegrino and red wine.

So take a sip and enjoy!


San Pellegrino vintage collection

San Pellegrino vintage clavetta bottles and tin boxex