Sara Asnaghi sandwich

Brain sandwich / Cervello panino | Sara Asnaghi

What have you got in your head?

At some point during the day most of us have food on the brain.  Young milanese conceptual artist Sara Asnaghi is no exception.  As a culinary alchemist, the talented sculptor (in 2010 she was shortlisted for the London International Creative Competition)  reproduces the human brain in a range of edible materials.


Sara Asnaghi nori

Nori seaweed and rice | Sara Asnaghi


The ingredients for What have you got in your head 1 (2006) and What have you got in your head 2 (2010) range from traditionally Italian products, for example polenta, to foodstuffs with a more international flair like rice and nori seaweed. While pieces like the multi-colored candy sprinkle brain are undoubtedly playful, Sara’s art pushes us to rethink our relationship with food and contemplate the distinctly material nature of our bodies.


Sara Asnaghi polenta

Polenta | Sara Asnaghi


If we start to think about how we eat and what we eat a series of complex issues arises:  How does genetically modified food affect our bodies including our brain?  How are food resources divided among rich and poor countries?  Does a world of super-sized food advertising lead us to eat more than we should?


Sara Asnaghi hemp seeds

Hemp seeds | Sara Asnaghi

Sara Asnaghi pastina

Star-shaped pasta / Pastina | Sara Asnaghi

Chili / Pepperoncino | Sara Asnaghi

Candies / Zuccherini | Sara Asnaghi

All the brains from the 2nd series of What Have You Got in Your Head?