Roda scarves collection overlook by Luca Roda

How to be creative: dragons and flags by Luca Roda

As you know, the Italian lifestyle embrace fashion, too. We are all bored about all the “Guidos” and “Guidettes” hanging around on TV shows.Hell, Italians are not that way, at all!

So, I want to show you an accessory that I personally adore: the scarf. Nothing is better than a scarf to be stylish and good looking, especially if your choice turn on RODA scarves. Why RODA? Well, first of all, because it is an amazing and worldwide appreciated fashion firm. In second place, because RODA is for real fashion connoisseurs (by the way, I strongly suggest to explore the whole collection): it is simply designing the right stuff for the modern dandy, the 21th sec. gentlemen, providing cloths and accessories that mix perfectly elegance and creativity.

RODA scarves are an amazing example of the nowadays best in class Italian sartorial tradition, while remaining a non-mainstream brand: as befits a perfect dandy – oriented fashion firm.

from $ 125 | Want it? Grab it! 

roda mousse americana scarf by Luca Roda

Awesome! The "Mousse Americana" model! For patriots and everyone else


Roda silk scarf Paisley in Modal

"Paisley in Modal" : colorfulness and elegance