Black Leather Scarf | Scunzani for L'eclairateur


Ivo Scunzani has been handmaking amazing leather accessories with Mirca Salardia since 1971, but it’s his latest piece that has really caught our attention.

Scunzani’s black leather shawl scarf for men combines his reputation for quality refinement  developed through collaborations with Armani, Moschino and Pierre Cardin with an edgy contemporary look.    The contrasting leather panels stitched together in a shawl shape show the designer’s attention to detail and an Italian love for handmade artisanship.  Look closely and you’ll see the details that give this scarf some modern energy: small metal rings similar to piercings and roughly-cut leather tassels.

$ 538.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Ivo Scunzani Leather Scarf for L'eclairateur


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