If you are a house music addict and at the same time you like pop and dance rhythms, you should definitely know Scuola Furano. If you don’t, this is your chance to add some great new tracks to your personal music collection and discover how the music you love dancing to is created.


Dj Scuola Furano by Meschina


The Story of Scuola Furano

In the beginning Scuola Furano was composed of Borut Viola and Marco Busolini, a couple of young DJs and producers from Gorizia, a city in the Northeast of Italy. Their first album, “Scuola Furano,” was released in October 2004 as a mix of different music genres ranging from disco, old-school rap, electro, and post-punk.  It led to their popularity in Italy and Europe as well as their reputation as leaders in a new way of interpreting music.

In 2006 Marco left the group and Borut continued to produce and to play in clubs and festivals.  In 2012 he created his most recent amazing project “108,” a personal and innovative elaboration of traditional house combined with different music sounds.


Borut | pic by Meschina

Scuola Furano | Borut


Scuola Furano’s Latest Project

Tell us something more about your project 108.

108 is a tribute to house music. I took inspiration from artists of different times, from the Afro-American godfathers to innovative European producers of the late 1990s and early 2000s like Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. The title 108 came from the idea of splitting the project into a double album: 10 pop-house songs + 8 club traxx. Day after day, month after month, I kept going. I finished with 11 songs, but I was already in love with the original name and I kept it!

What has changed the most from your first works?

I’m still in love with our first work “Scuola Furano.” It was a spontaneous album, but even if it became a masterpiece in Italian house music history, it didn’t fit the international dance scene. That’s why my latest work I have paid more attention to studio production and the composition of the tracks in order to make them ready-to-play in different situations, from clubs to the radio.


Scuola Furano | Borut


 The Creative Mind Behind Great Italian House Music

What puts you in a creative mindset?

I like working at home. I love taking all the time I need to do what I really love to do, from listening to music, thinking about new melodies and trying new beats to walking with my dog Max and finishing everything I have to do.

Which are the cities you love playing the most?

London and Naples. When I am in London I feel free to play what I really want in that moment because English people love many different kinds of music and it’s quite possible that someone will come to the DJ booth and ask for a song which has nothing to do with what I am playing.  Naples is the house music capital of Italy, I love that city and the people from there.


Scuola Furano by Meschina


Aside from your passport, what makes you an Italian producer?
I think my passion for melodies… I’ve always loved how the melodic Italian disco lines can turn a cold German/Detroit track into a colorful and shiny Adriatic song. Amazing!

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

An ornithologist. When I was 8 I read a novel called “Cipi” about a small bird and I became interested in all of the different bird species in my area. Then I discovered the books of the naturalist Gerald Durrel and I went crazy for him. I still carry with me everything I learnt from his stories, especially a different way of looking at the world around me.


Little Borut