Laptop Seat Belt Bag | Garbage Lab

Laptop Seat Belt Bag | Garbage Lab


The word “garbage” might make you think of something that is old and falling apart, but for the 3 young Italian designers behind Garbage Lab it’s inspiration for their line of unique accessories. Saving everyday seat belts from cars before they hit the trash heap, Garage Lab turns the material into eco-friendly Seat Belt Bags.

The goal of this young company located just outside of Milan is to transform the abstract concept of environmentally-friendly design into a durable product that lasts. Reusing discarded materials also means recuperating the human story behind the material (just think of how many family car trips each seat belt has seen).  Made in Italy, each Seat Belt Bag is a unique and weather-resistant solution that brings a touch of urban style to eco-friendly accessories.

$ 76.11 – 114.81 | Want it? Grab it!


Seat Belt Shopping Bag | Garbage Lab

Seat Belt Shopping Bag in Grey | Garbage Lab


Garbage Lab

Seat Belt Laptop Bag in Green



Seat Belt Shopping Bag in Green



Laptop Seat Belt Bag in Black