Ciao! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Anna Paola Snaidero and I live in Los Angeles.

In Italy, my friends used to call me Paola. However, here in the States is too difficult to pronounce Paola, so I wanted to give to my new neighbors in life a more easy option: they could call me Anna, as it shows in my birth certificate.I will start by telling you my story in the US.

When I arrived here 15 years ago with my husband and son Alberto, I felt lost. I had come from a small village in Italy. Majano only has 5,000 inhabitants and everybody knew almost everything about me, as that is the location of the Snaidero kitchens cabinet factory. I married Dario, son of Snaidero’s founder, Rino. The entire village had at least one relative working in the factory.

Snaidero + wedding

Dario & me

In Italy, before getting married, I used to work as a graphic designer and in the public relations field. Snaidero’s US business was established 35 years ago, although it was not as well-known here at that time. After I found myself in LA with 22 million people who didn’t know me, I decided to help build the brand here.

I began to develop the Snaidero PR office, building a stronger recognition across the United States. Today, we are very proud to be one of the most recognizable “Made-in-Italy” kitchen cabinet brands, used by architects, developers, interiors designer and VIPs across United States, Canada, Central America, Columbia and Venezuela.

I have, in part, accomplished one of my wishes. I am still working to achieve greater recognition for the company, but I will probably never quit because my husband is unstoppable! We will probably land at a new home on the moon one day!

However, I didn’t want to leave behind another of my dreams: my passion of painting.

Painting has been my deepest love since I was 3 years old.

When I moved to LA, I had the perfect opportunity to show it off — filling the empty walls in our American new home with my brand new canvasses.

Anna Paola Snaidero | Emotion in Red

Emotion in Red by Anna Paola Snaidero

In our Italian home, it wasn’t really possible to have one of my paintings on the wall with all the paintings by Guttuso, Cascella, and Fiume. They were not certainly at my level-whoops- I wasn’t at their level!

The happiness I felt by being able to paint and decorate my homes with my paintings was so tremendous that I started to paint regularly as a hobby when I was alone at home and my husband was in his business trips.

It was the perfect way for meditate and be content with myself. When I paint, I feel that I express myself in the best way, sharing happiness and bringing my Italian heritage to the world. My paintings are even often commissioned by Interior Designers. My next step is to be the official artist in Viterbo for the festival dell’Opera di Tuscia.

Viterbo: The City of the Popes

My dream has become reality. I paint because it makes me happy.

I like to express joy and happiness through the use of color.

I recently had a showing for my paintings. Here is what curator Giovanna Zamboni Paulis, had to say about my artwork:

“Installed in a showroom dedicated to sophisticated design and technology, fifteen vibrantly hued canvases offer viewers a fresh approach to the resources and resonances of abstract art. In her recent works, the Italian-born artist continues to explore and deepen her abstract vocabulary: bold splashes of color that coalesce within outlined shapes combine with diaphanous, thinned-down acrylic to fill the pictorial space with strikingly intricate images. A richly layered surface achieves a density that adds depth and substantiality to the paintings.

In “Archipittura”, expanses of fluid, luminous greens interacting with solid geometric shapes bring a careful balance between architecture and its environment in a visionary, esthetically inspired cityscape. In the triptych “Red Metamorphosis”, gestural brushwork adds visual complexity to blocks of intense red meandering across the three canvases. “Butterflies” is the only figurative painting in the exhibition. The delicately drawn imagery has an inherent playfulness in its charming swirls of colors. In “Universe”, a palette of deep tonalities of blue creates a breathtaking lyrical abstraction.

All of the compositions in the show clearly demonstrate the artist’s skill in handling of material and process.”

Life Transparencies

I don’t have a studio; I paint in my garage so when I feel tired or I need a change, maybe I can start to cook dinner. Did I tell you that I love to cook too? What Italian doesn’t? That’s why some cuisine ingredients are mixed with the color in my painting: I use semolina flour, coffee, sugar, and more. I am always looking to try new things!

Anna Paola Snaidero + kitchen

In my kitchen... Snaidero of course!

My life has awarded me many fantastic opportunities to share myself with the new country and world I now find myself in. I have learned how important it is to follow your heart and stay true to your heritage—and I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about me!

Snaidero Family Portait

Anna Paola, Dario and Alberto

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