Goodbye Sergio,


Sergio Toppi

Sergio Toppi self-potrait


Sergio Toppi faded away Tuesday night in Milan, the city that was his home for 80 years. He was one of the most productive and loved italian cartoonists.

With his short and fragmented strokes, his ability to describe the soul of the landscape that he was drawing and his capacity to transmit his feelings through the eyes of his characters, he exceeded the traditional boundaries of the comic genre.

Melancholy, passion, strength: it’s impressive how all of Toppi’s images seem to have their own life. How can we forget his dreaming Marilyn, or the endless gaze in the eyes of Corto Maltese?  As an Italian, I must say that with the passing of this unique artist we have suffered a great loss.


Sergio Toppi Vietnam images

Vietnam image


Sergio Toppi image

Sergio Toppi cartoon