Shaky Vase | Gianluca Sgalippa x Enzyma


Shaky might seem to be a very dangerous adjective for a vase, but there’s no need to worry about Gianluca Sgalippa’s creation.  Sgalippa – an Italian designer and the founder of Enzyma – has managed to combine the appearance of instability with a perfectly balanced design.

Shaky is a minimalistic white vase similar to a bent drainpipe that leads nowhere. The secret to the surreal design is a counter-weighted base that ensures the vase remains perfectly balanced and doesn’t fall over. The provocative shape and glossy ceramic finish give the vase a strikingly modern look that we’re sure will grab attention when it goes on display at next month’s Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.

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Shaky Vase has a strong and provocative personality



Shaky Vase



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