cold. but good. grateful. inspired. excited. reeling. ready. fat. alive. nervous. eager. steady. unsteady. reflective. love sick. home sick. crepe sick. quaint little bistro sick. fuck if i never have brie and cheap wine again. tired shoes but their soles walk on, stepping my name across this city. old jewish man dishing glowing falafels down a tiny cobbled ally, only thing good enough to take my gloves off. metro rides at 1 am with 60 people and a gypsy with his accordion. fantastically rude waiters who throw down a bottle of violet pastis and empty glasses on your table, like they are telling you to shove it. parades of protests. the church bell from hell outside my window. wandering through vintage markets with 6 euro and getting everything i want like a watch ring and a first edition of hiroshima mon amour. which i sit and pretend i can read. ça va venir… i hope it all does… we’ll see if she’s really for me


Shannon Nataf- Fashion Designer