The Silver Spoon for Children | Phaidon


This might be a book for children, but take a look inside and you’ll soon realize that the Italian recipes will taste great no matter what your age.

For 150 years the original Cucchiaio d’argento (The Silver Spoon) has been the world-renowned bible of Italian cooking.  Building on this success, The Silver Spoon for Children features a selection of Italian recipes rewritten for little gourmet geniuses in the making.   Each recipe has been reviewed by children’s food expert Amanda Grant to ensure it represents the tasty, but wholesome quality that makes Italian food such a much-loved cuisine.  With fun whimsical illustrations by Harriet Russell on each page, the book’s 40 recipes are a great mix of expertise and fun.

It’s the perfect cookbook for any parent who hopes to see their child grow into an Italian foodie or for anyone who likes the fun side of great Italian food.

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Illustrations by Harriet Russell

A step-by-step recipe for risotto