An Italian bicycle concept



MOOBY Bike concept | Simone Madella


When the Mooby Bike by young Italian designer Simone Madella captures your attention you might at first have difficulty imagining riding a design that is still  so conceptual.  However, look through the sketches and you’ll start to imagine the concept turning into reality.


Sketches of the MOOBY Bike | Simone Madella


The Mooby is designed with a downward slant that hints at speed, strength and precision. Two built-in lights illuminate the road like the glowing eyes of a charging animal.  Inspired by the popularity of fixed-gear bikes, the combination of the agility and slim shape of an urban bicycle with an agressive silhouette and styling gives the impression of an updated commuter bike on steroids. A sense of fun comes into the design as well thanks to interchangeable cover panels in bright colors and customized graphics. Given that more and more people want a fast and customizable ride that will zip them down the bike lane, this concept arrives at the perfect moment for us to ride off in it.


MOOBY Bike | Simone Madella


The rear light and interchangeable panels of the MOOBY Bike | Simone Madella

The front light and covers of the MOOBY Bike | Simone Madella


MOOBY Bike | Simone Madella