What’s the perfect recipe for creating visual design that’s fresh, vibrant and of the moment? Simple: take a pinch of healthy curiosity, a good dose of art and graphic design experience, add a serving of exuberant personality and the dish is ready to serve! These happen to be the exact ingredients that go into Simone Massoni’s works and make them so special that they are sought by global brands and recognized in international anthologies. So, we’re taking the recipe the makes this young visual designer and serving you some insight into his passion for everything he finds visually stimulating and into his professional dedication to illustration, graphic design and photography.



Simone Massoni self-portrait with camera on auto-timer


You started your career as a children’s book illustrator, what were your favorite stories when you were a child?

I don’t really have a favorite tale, but I remember i had a thing for Richard Scarry’s “Cars and Trucks and Things that Go.”

You’ve become increasingly interested in design. How would you define this “new” work, style and personality?
I’ve always been intrigued by the combination of graphic design and illustration. The look is often simple with lots of contrast and sharp forms.

See ya in the water | Simone Massoni


You’ve worked with several well known brands, is there one project that has gotten more attention than the others? Do you have a favorite?
The best ones are projects where I have more creative freedom, where I can innovate my style… sometimes they can be for a well known brand or from an unknown brand.
Are there any experiences you’ve had or places you’ve lived that influenced your style as an illustrator?
NYC has influenced my outlook on design and illustration and, to some degree, my life. For me, it’s for me the center of the creative world for many disciplines, a city full of diverse illustrators, visual artists and designers.

Chicks & wheels | Simone Massoni



With SketchThisOut, your own brand, you want to spread your passion for everything that you find “visually stimulating,” could you give us some examples?
The patterns for sure are part of this, they allow me to easily visually communicate my style and my passion for hand drawn graphic and illustrative styles.
What puts you in a creative mindset?


Glance into me | Simone Massoni

If you didn’t have to think about time, money or clients, what project would you most like to pursue?
Personal ongoing projects like Chics & Types are the ones I’d pursue the most, these types of projects often connect me with some of my favorite designers and typographers working at legendary font foundries.

Chicks & types | Simone Massoni


What do you think are the best and the worst things about Italian design?

There are some great motivated hard working designers and visual artists in Italy, one of the challenges for this country is the lack of a solid set of opportunities, there’s little support and awareness of what we do at the general public level. Most of the status-quo regarding design in Italy is centered around fashion, industrial design and cars. Elegant sex on wheels.

Cyrano | Simone Massoni