A few years ago, Simonetta Rossi wasn’t a dancer and she didn’t know almost anything about Tango. Maybe she was planning a trip to Argentina, but it was definitely just a way to relax abroad and visit a new country. At that time she was already the director of several sharp little documentaries, yet she might not have expected was the fact that if you are that kind of person (a creative filmmaker), you can easily fall in love with almost anything related to passion, magic and power.


Eyes closed

Lesson | Eyes closed


So, by chance she met a bunch of friends not far from her hometown of Parma.  All of them were involved in this very charming dance called the Tango. She saw how their lives were completely changed by it, so she decided to follow them and show us their unique kind of fairy tale.

The whole thing is set in Italy, but it could be anywhere, everything is simply music and poetry, eyes, legs, arms and hearts.

Simonetta says: “For some, Tango will be an occasional hobby but for many it has become a way of life. It represents flirtation without infidelity, discipline without rigidity. Every Tango is the story of a relationship. The ending is not always happy, but the journey is a revelation.”


Movie frame | Eyes closed


As dancer Cristina Ziliani says in Eyes Closed:

“It is not about how much tango you have in your life, but about how much life you have in your tango.”

This exciting, stylish and passionate insight into the Argentine Tango received an Italian theatrical première and it was then a success throughout Italy; it has been pre-bought by French/German culture channel Arte for broadcast in 2011 and it’s now available on dvd, waiting for you all to take a look at it!


Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed


Eyes closed

Venice | Eyes Closed