Corey Helford 5th anniversary show

Mia, Todd Schorr, Natalia Fabia, Eine, D*Face, Ray Caesar, Gary Taxali, Gary Baseman, Van Arno

These are just some of the more than 50 artists that the Corey Helford Gallery asked to create specific works that, as a whole, display the full spectrum of the latest art movements: Pop Surrealism, New Figurative, Graffiti Art, Street Art, Digital Media, Pop Illustration and New Classicist.

Corey Helford

Gallery co-owners Jan Corey and Bruce Helford

Corey Helford Gallery executie + pr

Executive gallery director Richard Scarry + PR extraordinarie ANGELIQUE

Helford Corey

The Jan and Bruce with Angelique of Charm City PR (red dress) and the artists.

We stopped by the show en masse – Roberto, Staisey and Fabio, Valentina and Alex, and photographer Andrea Marino to take in the show.  Ganzo girl Valentina, blogger and illustrator, shares the experience:

Culver City, art district. I arrive at the gallery right on time before the invasion of a massive crowd. The gallery is celebrating its 5th anniversary with ZERO TO SIXTY.  The name probably refers to the exponential growth of the gallery, which started from zero in 2006 and came to be one of the most outstanding powerhouses of the contemporary art scene.  For an art geek like me the list of the artists on display is breathtaking:  Gary Baseman, Ray Caesar, Eric Joyner, Shag, D Face, Natalia Fabia, Tazuki Takamatsu and our talented Italian artist Simone Legno. To mention just a few of them.

Corey Helford Roberto Croci

Valentina with Ganzo's Editor in Chief Roberto and Simone Legno and his wife.

Once inside I am overwhelmed by an explosion of colors, lights, music, camera flashes and interesting-looking people. This is my first cool art event here in the US so my mind is literally exploding with visual information, everything is fascinating: gorgeous girls covered in tattoos who have complicated hairdos and weird accessories, men with colored hats and funny t-shirts… everywhere I turn I breathe in creativity. The best part of this? My fabulous fluorescent clutch is not looking bad here, at all.

Corey Gelford + GANZO

Valentina (and her pink clutch) with Ganzo friends Fabio, Alex and Staisey

The gallery space is very well organized,  so that even though the walls are full of paintings (some of them are really big) you can appreciate every single piece of art. Some of the artists are walking around trying to camouflage themselves in the crowd, others  are standing in a corner chatting and laughing. I’m always impressed by how this melting-pot of everyday people and  VIPs  is perfectly natural here.  I decide to have a beer to cool down my excited brain. With my ice-cold beer I take my first walk around the gallery just to take a first look at the works. They are all high quality, so I end up spending at least half an hour in front of some of them, examining every single brush stroke, trying to guess what kind of media and technique the artist used. As an artist myself, it is amazing to be part of this.

Corey Helford + McCarthy

Roberto gets up close to ... book art toy photographer Brian McCarthy

Corey Gelford + Fabia

...artist Natalia Fabia

Corey Helford + CC

...and Colin Christian's sculpture

The contemporary art scene is so important, it grows and evolves rapidly while pointing out all the new trends and creative possibilities. This moment is so powerful that finding myself in front of Gary Baseman’s or Nick Walker’s work,  I feel like I am at the Salon des Refusés  in 1863, standing in front of Le déjeuner sur l’herbe with Mr. Edouard Manet chatting with some friends behind me.
This amazing show will be at Corey Heldford Gallery for few more days, until 7/13.

A visit is strongly recommended. It’s like a bright and stimulating potion for creative brains.


Corey Helford + Croci

Ganzo likes Corey Helford Gallery


Corey Helford + Natalia

Sultry punk artist Natalia Fabia with her contribution to the show.

Corey Helford + Ji

The mysterious painter of beautiful women, Sylvia Ji, with her piece.

Corey Gelford + Joyner

The robots and donuts man, Eric Joyner.

Corey Gelford + AM

Roberto Croci & Andrea Marino, who kindly gave Ganzo his professional clicks!