Many of us have dreamed or joked of about living on a deserted island.  Lost in the middle of the sea we would enjoy the sun and watch the fish and sea creatures swim by.  Well, thanks to Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante it looks like the luxury version of the dream is increasingly within reach.


Solar Floating Resort | Michele Puzzolante | All images courtesy MPD


Using the latest techniques and materials developed in the automobile and naval industries, Puzzolante designed the Solar Floating Resort. What makes the project uniquely different is its eco-friendly structure.  A double-layer ceiling of thin photovoltaic skins covering the resort use a dye based on the chlorophyll molecule to artificially mimic the process of photosynthesis.  This means the cover absorbs both exterior solar light and interior ambient light to recycle energy and power the resort without messy expensive and dangerous fuel.



The Solar Floating Resort seen from above

The underwater viewing capsule on the Solar Floating Resort



Part hotel, part submarine and part yacht, the resort can dock near any waterfront or marina or maneuver into the open sea.  With 4 bedrooms and bathrooms and a top-deck jacuzzi designed in “the purest Italian style” the resort has the space and luxury amenities of a grand yacht, but also integrates a large glass-walled observation bubble with 360° underwater views.  So instead of dreaming of inhabiting an unspoiled desert island (which would involve leaving a very large environmental footprint), think about  the day you’ll be able to marvel at the sea in the submerged observation capsule of your own solar powered resort!


The main interior deck with living and kitchen area on the Solar Floating Resort

The Solar Floating Resort showing the photovoltaic panels and the on-board jacuzzi

Several Solar Floating Resorts docked in the Solar Island Resort