I love being on the road, I love parties, people, airports and hotel rooms. Is part of the reasons why I am in this game. But on the other hand, when back home, I close myself in the studio, and I love to get separated from everything , and my mind wanders in between experiences and ideas and samples I’ve collected around.. is a very intimate moment, personal and solitary. A perfect flip side to the crazy party life.


Stefano Ritteri aka SOLO

Stefano Ritteri, aka SOLO, was born and raised in Rome, but as his interest in house music grew he relocated to London.   With a residency at fabric nightclub, SOLO has just released a new single on Italian label Lapsus and is touring the world.  As he travels he is bringing the crazy side dj life to some of the most unexpected locations “misbehaving in Eurodisney is particularly good. yes.”


Stefano Ritteri aka SOLO

SOLO | Stefano Ritteri