His tag is OZMO, a street name chosen for the elegance of its graphic form. Behind this name, which is wide open to thousands of meanings, there’s Gionata Gesi. Considered one of the contemporary artists Italy is most proud of in the world, his street art has been exhibited across the globe, including in Belgium, France, Mexico, Poland, Russia, the UK and the US, but now he’s opening his most recent show at Milan’s Museo del Novecento in Piazza Duomo with the installation “The Universal PreJudgment.”


Still death OZMO

Still Death | Live Performance, Milan | 2011

street artist

Big fish eats small fish | Cargo's wall, London | 2011


During this two-week long work in progress, he will complete several large wall murals for Primo piano d’Artista [Artist Focus], curated by Alessandra Galasso.  The show will be presented as a performance involving the artist who will interact with his work and with the audience. It’s a significant event where street art meets the institutional world of a prestigious museum.  For the very first time in Italy a national collection has decided to acquire a work of street art.


Ozmo the last movie Danzica 2010 street artist

The Last movie | Danzica | 2010

street artist apocalypse

Apocalypse | 2008

street artist

Holy Mother and Child with upside down heads | 2008


Ozmo is viewed as a pioneer of our times.  He’s an artist with deep roots in the academic tradition, but who has also made a seminal contribution to Italian street art.  He’s a fine performer capable of astonishing outdoor works, big murals and installations all of which have a sophisticated style and deep contents including powerful iconography, strong tributes to the history of figurative art,  alchemy and sacred art, as well as every kind of symbol so far used by humankind.

Spectators have a fundamental role in this experience.  Ozmo calls upon us to see through the lines, to read, feel and play with our own perceptions.

From 2 to 21 of february, finissage 16

Untitled OZMO 2007

Untitled | 2007