Street art is a fashion product so most of the people are just doing it because it is “cool.”  Hope this street art game will end soon  ~   BLU

This past weekend the animated short “Big Bang Big Boom” by Italian artist Blu was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Annecy Animation Festival.  While it’s a significant win considering that Annecy is the largest animation-dedicated event in the world, it also makes a statement considering it comes after art dealer turned museum director Jeffrey Deitch censored Blu’s contribution to a Street Art retrospective.

The “short unscientific story of evolution and his consequences” is a combination of stop-frame animation and large-scale street mural that transforms a generic cityscape into a dynamic urban organism.  In the end it seems that while Deitch might be busy curating the history  of street art, Blu is busy exploring the future of urban art.

Check out the amazing video: