If know something interesting or yet undiscovered about Italian lifestyle and culture abroad we would like to hear from you. Ganzo is interested in the multiple ways Italians around the world are creating a unique lifestyle built from exciting experiences. While the larger political picture of Italianness is addressed by several sites, we focus on new cultural contexts that transcend stereotypes and clichés.

Building a community depends on a plurality of voices. While we want to receive articles that express your authentic voice, we need to maintain the integrity of the blog and streamline content through the following guidelines.



• Read the blog to get a sense of our content and style.
• Read and follow the style guidelines.

By email:

  • Send as a .pdf or .doc attachment.
  • Send to
  • Paragraphs should be written in 11-12 pt. Arial or Helvetica font with left justification and on a document with 1”+ margins.
  • Send images as separate .png attachments.
  • Include a 2-3 sentence author profile and a quality, but low-res, profile photo.


An article must:

  • Provide original content.
  • Be 200 – 500 words in length.
  • Include reference links for information obtained on the internet.
  • Include complete reference details for information obtained through other media.
  • Be accessible to an educated English-language speaker with a moderate knowledge of Italian culture.

An article must not:

  • Be already published online or in print.
  • Be an advertisement disguised as an article.
  • Be a work of fiction.
  • Explicitly express the author’s political stance.
  • Engender a simplistic or one-dimensional view of Italian culture and lifestyle.

Photos and Illustrations

Photos and Illustrations must:

  • Be relevant to the article topic.
  • Be high-quality.
  • Be accompanied by a written description identifying the people, places and if necessary, objects in the frame.

Photos and Illustrations must not:

  • Be stock material taken off the internet.

Further style details:

  • When including Italian words, including proper names that might be unclear to a non-Italian speaker, they should be italicized and followed by an English translation or explanation.
  • The Yahoo Style Guide is the main reference for details not outlined in these guidelines.


We reserve the right to:

  • Publish and display the submitted material.
  • Remain the sole publisher, whether online or in print, of the submitted material.
  • Publish submitted materials on Ganzo’s social media accounts.
  • Edit articles for content, clarity, accuracy and length.
  • Edit photos for format, clarity, and style.
  • File the submitted material in a permanent online archive.
  • Further develop these guidelines at our discretion.