All I want for Christmas is…

Let’s be realistic…we are in the middle of a deep recession, and thinking about gifts can cause tremendous anxiety. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little…


From high-end to the “OK, I can do this” end – check out my picks!


Susanna and I at Bulgari


My friend Susanna and I took a stroll through the Beverly hills Bulgari store during a recent event that celebrated Italian Cinema. We looked at every single shiny jewel while emitting sighs and ooohs.  We pretended that we could actually go ahead and use a black amex to fulfill our frivolous desires…and then SNAP! We were back on Rodeo Drive, headed to our cars and talking about our daily issues…including bills!

Well, Bulgari is Bulgari, the Roman titan, but you’ll see that one day Bulgari will be contacting ME to give me free jewelry and I’ll be like… huh? Who are you?


This said, apart from jewelry there are other items on my gift list that I find extremely interesting.

Christopher Kane’s jelly clutches just bring you back to childhood… Remember those puffy stickers or liquid-filled plastic toys that were strangely addictive ? All with bubbles of color trapped in oil? I just want to grab this and stick colorful pens and erasers in it and show it off at school!


Gift List + Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch

Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch


Gift List + Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch

Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch


This lovely Isabel Marant sweater…keeps me cozy… found it a Heist Boutique in Venice, CA where they had a nice selection of knits.


Gift List + Isabel Marant

Me in an Isabel Marant sweater


Yes! Must be a jelly phase, but how cute are these Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Boots?

I’m already singing in the rain!


Gif List + Vivienne Westwood

$133.00 at Farfetch

And I don’t know about you….but I want my man in these black vintage slip-ons from Converse by John Varvatos. These leather sneakers feature a white rubber cap toe, laceless eyelet front, and sit on a flat white rubber sole.


Gift List + Converse

$199.00 at American Rag


Hey Santa, I really deserve this Endovanera Hoodie, it would keep you warm too ya know..just wear it on your way ;)


Gift List + Endovanera



Santa keep your focus.. I know there are people in need, but look! I really need this cool Cast of Vices Bag that looks like a plastic bag but its all in leather….



$199.00 at Cast of Vices



Mais c’est genial! Found this on leather key fob by Fleet Ilya and my Dog Luna would love it too!



Fleet Ilya



Pamela Love has a lot for me but this…oh yeah, this resin tribal spike cuff for $195 just has me hypnotized. It reminds me of snowflakes falling on my window as I get kissed goodnight.


Pamela Love


I just wanna  ROCK this SHIELD EMBROIDERY TOP maybe on NYE…? Helmut can usually be reasonable for a high-end designer. Well, maybe not.


$795.00 at Helmut Lang


The Calm made this skirt Santa…where do I find it, I barely know them? It was spotted on


Skirt by Calm


Last but NOT least I Love Jacqueline Rose’s Fork and Shovel Bracelet.

And can’t deny I would feel closer to home with this Roman horse ring in white bronze & onyx.


Jacqueline Rose


Jacqueline Rose


I’ll say goodbye right after I show you this R13 Denim Jacket!



Hey Santa, I have more, but I don’t wanna Jingle your bells!