Checking out accessories this Fall

As I as walking through trade shows and stores recently I singled out three brands I love:

From jewelry to rare vintage pieces Linda Farrow‘s original sunglasses set the standard for luxury eyewear. Look at Miu Miu’s Anna Bove trying a pair at ENK NYC.


sunglasses by Linda Farrow

Sunglasses | Linda Farrow


Faliero Sarti makes the nicest scarves I know! Their motto is “AMIAMO L’ITALIA E I SUOI VALORI” (We love Italy and its values).


Scarves behind Bianca | Faliero Sarti

Scarves | Faliero Sarti


Then, last but not least, Anthony Peto‘s top hats rocked my world!


Top Hat worn by Bianca here | By Anthony Peto

Top hat | Anthony Peto