Suadus Italian Liqueur | Rossi d'Angera Distillatori

Suadus Grappa Liqueur


What did you drink on your honeymoon?   While beachside margaritas might be a fond memory for many couples, it seems like marriage was an even more delectable experience back in the day of traditional Italian grappas.  According to tradition, newlyweds living around Lake Maggiore would receive a cup of mead from family and friends in the hopes that their offspring would be sons.

As part of their new luxury line of locally sourced limited edition grappas Rossi d’Angera, a distillery born in 1847,  is putting the honey back in honeymoon with their Suadus liqueur. The 30% vol. liqueur is a blend of different varieties of honey with Moscato d’Asti grappa that creates an intense, but soft flavor characterized by pollen and lime.  After 18 months in oak barriques the deep golden yellow spirit releases a complex bouquet with notes of fresh flowers and the resinous balsam scent of chestnuts. The combination of traditional ingredients and modern luxury seems to be a great way to sweeten the evening, even if you’re not a newlywed.

$50.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


the old distillery that produces the italian liqueur

Rossi d'Angera Distillery tradition

barrels where the italian liqueur is aged

Oak barrels