Spring / Summer 2013 T-shirts

Summer must be just around the corner because it looks like designers have headed out to the garden already. Celebrating the glowing greens and fresh fuchsias of flora, the Italian Summer 2013 menswear collections have embraced outdoor inspiration from the backyard to the tropics.  Whether they feature bold oversized green leaves or surreal floral collages, there’s a whole crop of T-shirts celebrating botanical beauty.  We’ve looked through them all to bring you 6 of our favorites.  So, don’t stop to smell the flowers, get online and pick and a T-shirt!


Leaf print t-shirt | Sangue

Sangue T-shirt


Leaf Print T-shirt - SANGUE | $ 95.00



Malph T-shirt

Print T-shirt - MALPH  | $ 75.82



Tothem T-shirt


Cactus Jersey T-shirt - TOTHEM | $ 120.00



Amaranto T-shirt


Hibiscus Light Blue Print T-shirt - AMARANTO | $ 134.00



Dead Meat T-shirt



Print Shirt - DEAD MEAT | $ 98.05



Gucci T-shirt

Sprint Print Tee – GUCCI | $ 238.00