It’s sunset time, but hold your breath, because this is not love song (quote).

This is the legendary Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011 featuring, among many talented new bands, Mötley Crüe, Bush and Public Enemy.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + poster

Line-up Sunset Strip Music Festival

Let’s go back in time, to when ‘The Strip’ was the hangout of the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll scene of Los Angeles; put your sexy leather jacket on, some black eyeliner, and allow yourself a shot of Jack. Now, you’re ready to rock.

August 20th, 2011. 11 am. Sunset Boulevard: the city of angels is ready to explode.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + people

At the Sunset Strip Music Festival

The menu for the day? Each and every course is for everybody, from appetizer to dessert, with a variegate list of beverages: beer or diet soda, vitamin water or Jack Daniels. No matter if you are a 420 friendly teenager in the reggae mood, or more likely a handsome Thirty-something stuck in the golden age of heavy guitars and rock ballads, because the menu offered at the SSMF is exactly what you need on a (way too) hot summer weekend.

Keep hydrated and raise your horns. Hell yeah!

Sunset Strip Music Festival + crowd

Crowd at the Sunset Strip Music Festival

I’ll be honest, I spent the first part of the day at the Viper Room; no, not because it’s hip and cool, but because with my photographer Stefania, were have been honored to be among the Radio 98.7’s crew, just a few inches from our favorite bands, for intimate interviews and some impressive acoustic performances.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + she wants revenge

She Wants Revenge

Sunset Strip Music Festival + Gavin Rossdale

Me and Gavin Rossdale... from Bush

2:00 pm. It’s time to hit the strip.

A few photos of the East stage, until I hear the growl: my outfit is total black, and sexy, with naked shoulders and grungy boots. I am ready for some young and smart heavy metal with the Black Veil Brides (they are pretty good, and a few times, my mind goes even to Machine Head).

Sunset Strip Music Festival + Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides at Sunset Strip Music Festival

Sunset Strip Music Festival + bvb

Sunsest Strip Music Festival | Black Veil Brides

Don’t dig endless and hypnotizing angry drums and screams? Be patient, because the irresistible (for me at least) dark beat of the 80’s is next on the main stage with the Californian band She Wants Revenge.


The crowd exponentially grows for the headliners of the day, but before the legendary sound of Tommy Lee & co. it’s time for some forever romantic, yet angry music from the 90’s, thanks to Bush (and to the breathtaking stage presence of its frontman, Gavin Rossdale). The band will release the new album, The Sea of Memories on September 13th, after ten years of silence, since 2001’s Golden State.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + Bush

Bush at Sunset Strip Music Festival

But they do not disappoint the audience, and breathing in / breathing out, they perform each and every classic, from Glycerine and Machinehead, to Everything is Zen.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + crowd under the stage

Crowd under the stage at Sunset Strip Music Festival

Back to the East stage, on the opposite end of Sunset Boulevard, it’s time to jump and pop out some loud gold hanging on your neck; Public Enemy ladies and gentleman, the hip-hop band that made the chart of The Rolling Stones magazine, among the Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Times.

Sunset Strip Music Festival + Public Enemy

Public Enemy at Sunset Strip Music Festival

The fans are insane, and they move their bodies until the very end when, exhausted, they are ready to start the countdown for the gran finale: Motley Crue, and their legendary music.

Mötley Crüe

The acrobatic and scenic performance is a blowing mind one; Gunfire and motorcycles, Girls, Girls, Girls and orgasmic audience singing and screaming along the sexy rhythm of the myth.

Matt and Kim

Kim and Matt!

Last year, the Strip celebrated Slash; but the 2011 edition did not remain in the shadow, bringing back to life the golden age of music, that of Rock ‘n’ Fuckin’Roll, but the old way, kicking start your heart.

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