Sottobosco Color Sunglasses from the Humanism Collection | Super


Humanism. This is the key word around which Italian sunglass brand Super has focused their latest collection. The inspiration is humanity as it is expressed in different civilizations around the globe and accross time. Just over a month after introducing the Humanism Autumn 2012 sunglasses, Super is back at it with new items that complement and extend the Humanism debut for Autumn-Winter 2012

The most recent release includes the addition of new silhouettes to the Sottobosco range and new colors and materials to the Francis, Havana & Black, and Hieroglyphs series. However, the standout pieces seem to be the Montana and Lizard models.

The Lizard starts with the classic and clean Super sunglass model and combines it with recycled leather hand-applied by artisans for a luxurious, but down-to-earth vibe.  The Montana takes the Humanism collection to the next level in terms of technology.  Designed to protect your eyes against the glare and wind of winter, the advanced Optics by Carl Zeiss lens has a retro colored and mirrored lens that looks amazing while keeping your vision safe.

€ 125.oo – 295.oo | Want it?  Grab it!


The Montana range of sunglasses

Racer Montana Sunglasses


Ciccio Francis Silver and Black Sunglasses


Classic Brown Lizard Sunglasses