The Italian shoes everyone loves

As the most important brand of Italian tennis shoe, Superga sneakers are a worldwide symbol of Italy’s reputation as a premier source of well-designed footwear. Across the generations, most young people in Italy have at some point owned a pair of Superga shoes. A case in point: these shoes have accompanied me through my childhood and adolescence. I have owned 4 pairs of Superga sneakers from the classic red, solid blue and glittery gold to a cartoon-print edition (the face of Donald Duck – they were so crazy!). No matter what the color or pattern, Superga sneakers are the kind of shoes everyone loves.


Red Vintage Superga

Red Superga shoe


This Italian tennis shoe has its origins in Turin in 1911 when Walter Martiny founded a company dedicated to processing and manufacturing rubber products.  In 1925 Superga began production of a new product that would soon become the main focus of the company: canvas shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. Today, the original model, the Classic Superga 2750, is a modern icon.


The original Superga logo

The original Superga logo


Superga Adverstising

One of the first advertising campaigns



Starting in 1934, Superga debuted new collections focused on sports and workwear. This diversification of the original Superga tennis shoe continued through the Second World War and into Italy’s Economic Boom when Superga merged with another giant of the rubber industry, Pirelli.  At the beginning of the 1960s, Superga was still manufacturing the vast majority of boots used by Italian farmers, but by the 1970s the company began to focus on the sports world. Superga sneakers were designed not only for tennis, but also for basketball, gymnastics and yachting.


Superga boot


Part of the reason Superga has been so successful is that their canvas shoes are easy to customize.  Giving free rein to your imagination, you can add studs, write song lyrics on them with markers, dye them and more.  In fact, they stand up so well to everything people put them through in the name of personalization, that you could say it’s hard to get rid of them (even though they might look destroyed). As a durable blank canvas for the latest trend or a sudden expression of teenage creativity, it’s hard to believe that Superga is over 100 years old!


Different model of shoes | Superga

Different model of shoes | Superga