Supernova suspension lamp | Foscarini by Ferruccio Laviani


Want a lamp that will be the shining star of your home?  Whether it hangs above a dining room table or is suspended over a sitting area, the Supernova lamp by Foscarini has an outer space look that’s hard to ignore.

Designed by Italian Ferruccio Laviani, the Supernova’s set of 14 parallel aluminum disks looks just as strikingly modern today as when the lamp debuted in 2000.  The sphere, available in matte aluminum or a multi-hue pink lacquer, emits 360 degrees of warm light.  Look at the Supernova from one angle and it appears to be a target with the lightbulb at the center.  Take in the Supernova from a different angle and you’ll see a round beehive shape.  This multi-form effect is created by the sculptural play of shade and light unique to the Supernova. In the end it’s a lamp that will brighten your home with the star power of Italian design!

$ 2,169.00 | Want it?  Grab it!