River Table | Gaetano Pesce


Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce’s latest work is called Six Tables on Water. Each table represents a different watery landscape from around the world.  The one representing Venice and its lagoon, for example, is marked with darker spots here and there, symbolizing the water pollution of water, while the Lake Garda table has steps leading to it.


Detail of the Lake Table | Gaetano Pesce


Pesce is known for experimenting with materials and using them to create unorthodox surfaces for his works.  Once again, he has shown himself to be an expert in this practice.  In his latest masterpiece he shuns wood and bronze to build the surface and irregular edges of the tables up with resin.


LagoonTable | Gaetano Pesce


The concrete and resin forms of Six Tables on Water ultimately demonstrate Pesce’s belief that it’s figurative, rather than abstract, pieces that allow people to recognize and connect with art.


Detail of the Pond Table | Gaetano Pesce


Ocean Table | Gaetano Pesce


Lake Table | Gaetano Pesce

Detail of the Lagoon Table | Gaetano Pesce


Puddle Table | Gaetano Pesce