G47 Multi Date 24Hr Watch | Tendence


When it’s the New Year you want to be sure you know exactly what time it is.  Celebrate a little too early and you’ll feel like  the party’s anticlimactic.  Celebrate a little too late and you’ll feel like you’ve started the new year behind everyone else.   Well, with its G47 Multi Date wrist watch, Swiss Italian watchmaker Tendence will not only make sure you’ve got your celebration down to the second, but also that you’re partying in style.

Located in Lugano, Switzerland, Tendence first started selling its watches in Italy. The G47 Multi Date 24hr model has all the features of a precision timepiece, including Quartz movement, water resistance and a stainless steel case.  With its hi-resistance Nytech TR90 body and silicone strap, it also incorporates the hallmarks of modern watch styling, but what makes the Tendence G47 a real standout is its fun and unique look. The watch face has a double dial recessed structure that allows for  some great 3-D hour markers.  When it comes time for the big jump into 2013, the hour will literally stand out on your wrist!

$ 315.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Tendence G47 Wrist Watch in Black / Red

Tendence G47 Wrist Watch in Black / Blue

Tendence G47 Wrist Watch in Light Blue