Ciao! Sono Andrea Marino, photographer, and I want to share with you a great new place to hang out, in Manhattan Beach, California, designed by award-winning architect Stephen Francis Jones.

I love to travel and if my academics are any indication, I guess i picked the right work to express myself” says Stephen Frances Jones “After studying architecture at the University of Florida, I went to California and got my Master’s degree at UCLA. Soon after, I decide to go back East, started my professional  career in Boston, working with Jung/Brannen Associates, designing high-rises. The scale of those projects was so large,” Jones recalls “that in a way, from now on, it was inevitable to think big on a massive scale.” Be bold and mighty forces would come to your help… should be S.F. Jones mantra.

Upon his arrival in Hollywood Stephen Francis Jones was hired as the in-house architect at the Wolfgang Puck Food Company. And although in 1996, he left to start his own firm, S. F. Jones Architects, Inc. his association with Puck continued when his new firm was hired to design Spago in Beverly Hills.

Stephen Francis Jones + Spago Beverly Hills

Spago Beverly Hills

The outcome of that endeavor was so brilliant that he continued to work for Puck’s company’s fine and casual dining branch, designing Chinois Las Vegas, the expanded dining room at Chinois’ original Santa Monica location, as well as Wolfgang Puck Cafes in Canada, Kuwait and Japan.

After completing Spago, Stephen Francis Jones designed Lucky Strike an up scale retro chic bowling alley at the H&H complex – Highland and Hollywood – in Hollywood.

Stephen Francis Jones + Lucky Strike Hollywood

Lucky Strike Hollywood

Following the success of the original Lucky Strike and because the fresh concept of a retro bowling alley and lounge became fiercely popular nationwide Jones was hired to create Lucky Strike alleys in Chicago, Toronto, Denver, St Louis, Orange County, Louisville, and South Beach. He also designed Ten Pin Alley in Atlanta for Ashton Kutchner’s Dolce Group and Big Al’s in Washington and Vancouver. “I’ve created an unexpected niche in stylish bowling alley architecture!” laughs Jones.

Stephen Francis Jones + Ten Pin Alley

Ten Pin Alley

Hollywood power player Mike Ovitz’s restaurants Hamasaku in West Los Angeles and Kumo, a sushi restaurant, also located in Los Angeles… came next. Other Jones’ projects of note include The Hump, the sushi bar overlooking the runway at the Santa Monica Airport and The Murad Spa and Health Center in El Segundo and several of the company’s Daily Grills around the US.

Stephen Francis Jones + Kumo Los Angeles


ECLECTICISM is S. F. JONES motto… and on that ENDLESS FREQUENCY a “miriade” of other projects followed, among them it is imperative to mention the remodeling of the Century Plaza Hotel along with its wonderful cosmopolitan restaurant Breeze, and the very sophisticated hotel’s Spa Mytstique. “My favorite projects are the ones when the client comes to us with a well-defined idea of their concept,” Jones explains. “We interpret and enhance that idea, creating dynamic and imaginative results that resonate with our clients, fully realizing their innovative ambitions.”

And now THE POST, with celebrated chef David LeFevre (formerly of The Water Grill in downtown Los Angeles).

INTRIGUED by the hipe surrounding of the new CREATION, I took a ride down south and to MY SURPRISE, I was catapulted in what appeared, to my judgment, and ode to a vintage time were a raw organic material, in this case wood, was used as the quintessential vector to bring people and social interaction witch food it’s intrinsic part of it, together. In few words, I felt home.

Stephen Francis Jones + The Post

The Post

In Stephen Francis Jones own words, here is a description of his new Manhattan Beach dining experience. “When people go out to dinner, their expectation is to have a stimulating sensual experience involving taste ambiance and social interaction. My objective is to make the visual experience as delicious [and real] as the food”. He definitely has accomplished that with The Post.

Stephen Francis Jones + David LeFevre

The Post

Stephen Francis Jones + Restaurant The Post

The Post

Stephen Francis Jones + a social HOUSE The Post

The Post - A social house

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Stephen Francis Jones

Mr. Jones

All images courtesy of SFJones Architects.