Of course they love Woody Allen, but it’s much more about the great times in which the radio was the perfect way to get into music: John Peel was throwing magic flowers all over the world from The Perfumed Garden and the Beatles was simply God’s surname. Just because these four Italian guys are too young to remember it, they decided to live it now, starting an amazing powerpop band, The Radio Days.

Powerpop is a terrific mix of the Sixties’ melodies and the punk explosion of the Seventies, that sails from Costello to the Rubinoos, Big Star and the Knack.

The Radio Days were born in the north of Italy in 2003, first record in 2006 and a long road of live shows till 2010, the year of “C’est la vie”. This awesome album is making the guys pretty known all over Europe and the States, Spain is totally in love with them and they will play at the famous Fuengirola Pop Festival in July.

But now let’s stop talking about them, please listen to their hit “Sleep it off” and enjoy the video!