Ganzo decides to thinkThin with Lizanne Falsetto

“A 25 person 4 hour event.”  Surprisingly Lizanne Falsetto, CEO and founder of thinkThin natural protein bars , is not telling me about the tough decision-making process that goes on in a corporate boardroom, but a typical Falsetto family dinner.

Hearing about this “Italian extravaganza” I begin to understand how Lizanne was able to go from the high-school basketball court to the catwalks of Paris to the head office of thinkThin, a national brand producing high protein bars to eat on the go, all the while keeping one foot in the kitchen.


Lizanne Falsetto eats dinner with her family

Lizanne at the dinner table with her family


Actually, you’ll find Lizanne in many kitchens.  There’s the kitchen she remembers where her Italian grandmother kept “pots lined on the kitchen windowsill filled with fresh herbs.” There’s the kitchen where she films her Lizanne Naturally video series, the kitchen where she cooked up one of the most successful weight management bars on the market and of course the kitchen she shares with her two children.

Lizanne Falsetto in the kitchen with her kids

Lizanne and her children in the kitchen


For the former model who worked with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and appeared in Vogue and Elle, fashion and food are both “a personal expression of character and it shows in the food you prepare for others as well as how you dress and present yourself. “ This holistic vision of food, family and fashion has been a part of Lizanne’s lifestyle since she first watched her Italian grandparents prepare dinner from the garden…

The smell that would envelop my grandparent’s whole house was tomatoes on the vine. My grandfather had this amazing organic fruit and vegetable garden with impeccably groomed rows of gorgeous grape apple trees, fresh herbs, tomatoes on the vine to mention a few. He made his own natural mulch and everything was planted with the richest darkest soil you’ve ever seen. This was my own personal playground where I spent countless hours playing, hiding, running and hanging onto my grandfather’s leg.

Lizanne Falsetto with her Italian grandparents

Lizanne with her family and grandparents

We had this clothesline with a colander attached that went from the garden to the kitchen windowsill.  I have fond memories of this contraption where my grandmother would tell me what she needed for that evening’s supper and I would call out to my grandfather to fill up the colander and send it back.


Lizanne Falsetto in a tomato vine

Lizanne in the tomato vines


Today Lizanne may have the opportunity to play in even bigger tomato vines in Italy, but her philosophy seems to be taken straight from her grandparent’s garden, “we are not part of a regimen dictated by tape measure, scale or someone else’s aesthetic, we are an ingredient of a day lived well.”


Lizanne Falsetto of Lizanne Naturally sprinkles parmesan

Lizanne on Lizanne Naturally