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Spamghetto Wallpaper | ToDo

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich.  Emails about male enhancers, lottery winnings and weight loss secrets will clutter your spam folder.  Thanks to filter avoiding tricks like “Via9r_a” they probably also fill your inbox as well.

Instead of letting all textual trash go to waste Italian design collective ToDo decided to celebrate it.  Result: spam is reborn as an elegant wallpaper pattern.  From a distance or behind your new bookcase Spamghetto might look like an abstract floral illustration,  but move closer and you’ll read “Update,” “For winners only,” “Acai power slimmer” and other spam subject headings in English and Italian. Spamghetto is custom made, currently available in two styles, flame-resistant, completely inappropriate for a nursery or visit from your in-laws, and of course fun to read. If you really want to recycle all that spam in your email ToDo will also create bespoke patterns with custom words.  So be a real man! collect your winnings! lose 10 lbs. in 10 hours! and decorate with a roll of spamghetto.

TBD | Want it?  Grab it!

ToDo Design + Spamghetto

Spamghetto Wallpaper | ToDo

ToDo Design Spamghetto wallpaper

Spamghetto Wallpaper | ToDo