“So far, this is the most important project of my career” - Simone Legno told us a couple of months ago when he was getting ready for the NEXT STEP in his artistic endeavors. Now, it’s finally here.

Aficionados of Japanese pop culture… get ready for the new Tokidoki project. This summer, the K11 Art Mall will continue with its annual Food and Art Festival concept, and organize a series of art programs over a 3-month period. To kick off, there will be a Tokidoki x K11 Hong Kong First International Art Collaborative Project with the internationally renowned fine pop artist Simone Legno. Simone has designed two 5-meter-tall gigantic sculpture installations specially for K11, including a crossover figure, “Caesar,” that is the sovereign of the Kingdom envisioned by “Art. People. Nature,” which has never been launched. The second of which is “Kikko,” a sculpture conceptualizing coffee-tasting to accompany the Food Art Festival. Another classic personality, Adios, will also be present at the exhibition as a thematic installation to promote fine wines.

K11 hong kong + mall

Tokidoki at K11 Hong Kong

K11 hong kong + statue

Tokidoki statue at K11 Hong Kong

Simone has collaborated with many world-famous fashion gurus such as Karl Lagerfeld  and Hello Kitty, and brands such as LeSportsac and Levi’s on various cross-over projects.

Karl Lagerfeld and Simone Legno

Simone with Hello Kitty head designer, Yuko Yamaguchi

From now on until September 30th, 2011, as part of the Tokidoki x K11 art project, a two 5-meter-tall exclusive & tailor-made sculpture installations will be on display.
K11 hong kong + 5 meter sculpture

Tokidoki 5 meter tall sculpture at K11 Hong Kong

K11 hong kong + sculpture project

Tokidoki sculpture project for K11 Hong Kong

Together with the Hong Kong edition manuscript drawings to be debuted, this exhibition is definitely a must for fans of figures and illustrations to make a pilgrimage.
K11 hong kong + coffee

Drinking Coffee at K11 Hong Kong


K11 hong kong + sizes

Sculpture sizes for the K11 Hong Kong

Moreover, Simone has also specially designed a series of worldwide limited-edition collectibles for K11. The Tokidoki Pop Up Store will open at K11 Select, exclusively selling Tokidoki’s latest apparel and accessories.
K11 hong kong + collectibles

Limited-edition collectibles for K11 Hong Kong

About K11 – A Concept of Multicultural Living - A Harmonious Blend of Art · People · Nature
K11 is the world’s first original brand to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art · People · Nature.

Beginning with an urban multicultural lifestyle, the brand brings an unprecedented and unique five-sense experience to the public through the marvelous integration of multidimensional art appreciation and exchange, recreation and reappearance of local humanity, green architectural space, people’s daily lives and pulses in a mall, and public space within the unique district of K11. Since its first opening in Hong Kong, K11 has always gained considerable international media attention on their latest moves.
Art – K11 not only displays a permanent collection of local young artists’ works, but also allows the public to appreciate different local artworks and performances during shopping and leisure through the provision of various multi-dimensional spaces. This can help enhance the communication and exchanges between local artists and the public, nurture habits of art appreciation, and allow young artists to have more opportunities for showcasing their works so as to foster the development of local art.
People – K11 manages, reorganizes and integrates humanity, history and geography of the adjacent regions from various perspectives in different cities. It revitalizes, regenerates and recreates the humanistic experience, art and culture in the regions so as to create a unique K11 multicultural living area.
Nature – Various green design and technology concepts are taken into account in the interior architecture of K11 projects so as to minimize the negative impacts on the natural environment and upgrade the overall quality of urban public premises. Designed with a garden concept, K11 features a multidimensional natural landscape with a variety of local plants, a green roof, vertical greening and urban farming, and creates a perfect integration of natural space and local culture so that visitors feel like indulging in an urban oasis and are inspired to consider the intimate relationship between humans and nature.

In the coming five years, the brand and its related multicultural living area will continue the journey of creativity in six cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang and Chengdu, with various types of functional space in a total area of one million square meters.

More info @ http://www.k11concepts.com/en/