Tonda Armchair | Alessandro Zuek Simonetti x Capolinea Design


When someone says the words reduce, reuse, recycle your mind probably goes to newspaper, crushed cans and empty bottles, but what about the material left over from industrial manufacturing?  Italian design group Capolinea  applies their motto of reuse and recycle to large cellulose tubing in order to create unexpected modern home furnishings like the the Tonda Armchair.

Fully customizable according to a client’s needs, the Tonda Armchair is built from a soft cushion and a curved base that is both solid and elegant. The chairs are 100% Made in Italy from environmentally-friendly materials.  The three different styles of the Tonda Armchair each have a distinctive feel.  The clear finish on the Tonda Nature shows off the natural kraft brown color of the chair’s cellulose tubing to give it an organic style.  The Tonda Color comes in a range of fun hues that have modern flair.  My personal favorite, however, is the Tonda Armchair designed by New York-based Italian artist Alessandro Zuek Simonetti.  With his black and white photos printed on the backrest, the chairs offer contrasting graphic and organic elements that grab your attention.

€ 670.00 – 980.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Tonda Natura Armchair


Tonda Armchairs


Tonda Color Armchair


Two colors of the Tonda Armchair


The Tonda Armchair designed with Alessandro Zuek Simonetti