When most people think of their childhood they remember which was their favorite day of the week: for many Italian kids it was Tuesday, because that was the first day of football training; for other Italian children it was Saturday since that was the last day of the school week; yet other kids used to love Sunday because of sports matches and big lunches with relatives. When it comes to my childhood, my favourite day of the week was without a doubt Wednesday.  I waited all week to get to Wednesday and especially looked forward to the afternoon when school ended. Why? Because in the mailbox I would find the latest issue of my favourite comic book, Topolino!


The header from a vintage 1936 Topolino cartoon | Image via http://annitrenta.blogspot.com/



Two scenes from two different Topolino cartoons published in 1933


We all know that Mickey Mouse is a character created in America, but in 1932 when the Disney Company received a Oscar for the creation of the Mickey Mouse character he started to be featured around the world as well.  This is the history of how he became Topolino and a part of many Italian childhood memories.  Italian editor Giuseppe Nerbini decided to dedicate an entire illustrated magazine to him. The new comic book Topolino went on sale in Italy a month ahead of the American comic book starring Mickey Mouse.  As you can guess, since then Topolino’s success keeps growing: nowadays the number of books is more than 2950!


Reprint collections of the Topolino cartoons from the 1940s and 1950s



The funny stories and the great characters made my childhood amazing and even today I still love to grab some comics from my big collection and read them as if it was the first time. Do you think am I too old to do that? Just read one yourself and I promise you won’t regret it!


A special "Double Party" issue of Topolino featuring a scratch and win for a trip to Disneyland