Rocoe changes gears to Turbo drive

Reset! is a collective of four young DJs who divide their time between creating music and managing the business behind it.  Starting with a remix for Cassius, they’ve created parties where people have fun while listening to energy-driven happy music. The result is a fresh new genre of club music that, following in the group’s name, has been successful at resetting the rules of partying hard.

Now, with a tour in Australia and Japan and many upcoming projects, Reset! is living a moment that captures the essence of their music: a turbo-funk whirlwind of cheerful energy.





You all come from such different backgrounds.  How did you meet and decide to collaborate?

Well we didn’t all meet at the same time. We came together at different stages and it took a while before we started RESET!
Eventually, we decided to work together because while we were going out a lot, none of the parties we were attending were fun or exciting.  So, we thought we should try to put together one on our own! Apparently it’s worked out … six years later, we’re still here and going strong!



Is there a philosophy behind RESET!?

The philosophy is pretty simple: PARTY HARD AND BE YOURSELF. In other words, don’t worry about being cool, just try to be happy no matter what that means.



Reset is a turbo-funk whirlwind of cheerful energy




Where do you get your inspiration?

From beauty in all its forms. Especially female beauty.



Someone, inspired by your style, has coined a new genre of music called Turbofunk. Do you think this genre speaks to the soul of your music?

Yeah, Turbofunk was invented by a journalist on Beatportal in order to describe our Cassius – 99 remix! It definetly mirrors the soul of our music … it’s funky, with a turbo twist!

Going into the details, the sound we created during the 2010/2011 season is the sound that best describes Turbofunk, i.e. a blend of 4/4 beats, samples from 70s funk and soul, slapped basses, horns and obviously HUGE BASSLINES. We are now exploring other paths too, but we’ve created a new music label called Body Heat that is exclusively dedicated to Turbofunk since many DJs and producers fell in love with it, started producing it, but in the end, couldn’t find a home for it. The first release is called ‘Turbofunk Nuggets Vol. 1‘ and it’s out now!



Reset were Gotye before he was mainstream


Reset! Party


Are there any advantages or disadvantages to be an Italian DJ?

Well being Italian is usually an advantage as Italia is often associated with beauty, style, good looks and charm. On the other hand, nothing culturally relevant ever came from Italia and I often have the feeling that it’s harder to push any product or item or piece of culture from there. We really are at the borders of the capitalistic empire. We consume what is produced in the USA or UK, we do not export much (except good food and bad stereotypes!)



Reset! London style


With so many worldwide tours under your belt you must be used to living on the road outside of Italy. What is something that makes you feel at home even when you’re in another country?

Good question. I would say nothing … is there really anything that you can find on the other side of planet earth that will make you feel at home?  Maybe the food, but I try not to eat too much Italian food when I’m abroad!  Maybe espresso, but then again it’s so hard to find a decent one…



Reset! music makes flawless parties


Is there something you can’t live without when you’re touring?

A computer and a WIFI connection! It allows you to keep working all the time, and it gives you some kind of security. Other than that, we can still live in different environments … We are pretty curious people!


In what direction do you think club music is going today?

Well I (Rocoe) seriously hope some soul will come back into electronic music. Contemporary EDM and most techno is completely soul-less. So, whether it’s Turbofunk or deep house or anything else, the hope is that we’ll have some more soul. But that’s just a hope. We might end up having even more cheesy EDM or dark techno. It’s pretty much in the hands of those who have the means to set the trends, i.e. to mass promote their music (yes, I admit that’s pretty much a Marxist view!)




One direction music is taking nowadays, It’s definitely towards Australia….