Twinne’s graphic design t-shirt by Ruben Ireland.

Twinne t-shirt by Ruben Ireland

I love when two passions are mixed together, especially when these are art and fashion.

I’m talking about the brand Twinne created by three talented Italian guys: Sebastiano Guerriero, an expert in graphic design;  Piervincenzo Madeo, a web designer involved in some cutting edge web startups; and Davide Pacillo, a PR specialist in electronic music.

They’ve created something different in the fashion industry by combining their diverse skills to start up an Italian brand in London, one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Their first capsule collection of graphic design t-shirts is the perfect union of art and fashion, as its name suggests! The collection is the product of a series of collaborations with talented underground and worldwide artists belonging to different creative fields: from graffiti to digital art and including traditional painting and graphic design.

The result? A cutting edge collection of cool graphic design t-shirts with a dark edge that’s perfect for young style-forward design lovers.

$ 47.00 | Want it? Grab It!

Twinne's graphic design t-shirt by Sebastiano Guerriero.

Twinne t-shirt by Sebastiano Guerriero


Twinne’s graphic design t-shirt by Carne Griffiths

Twinne t-shirt by Carne Griffiths

Twinne’s t-shirt for her by Aldo Campilongo

Twinne t-shirt by Aldo Campilongo