ucy f1 italian colours

Ucy F1 | Italian bicycle


If there’s one thing Italians do really well when it comes to design it’s minimalism.  New Italian bicycle brand UCY brings this clean aesthetic to 2 wheels with the F1 bicycle.  When a passion for elegant design meets dedication to high-quality manufacturing, the result is this amazing redesign of the traditional bicycle.  Going beyond superior mechanics, UCY enhanced the look of the F1 to make a true design object that is both trendy and stylish.

The UCY bicycles are manufactured entirely in stainless steel using a unique “fillet brazed” welding technique.  All of this is done by expert Italian craftsmen who ensure the quality of each piece.  Each of the different color combinations highlight the bike’s details while maintaining  the essential minimalist look.

€ 2,960.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Ucy F1 frame

Ucy F1 handlebars

Ucy F1 back

UCY F1 bicycle

ucy F1 black bicycle

UCY F1 | Black bicycle

ucy F1 particular frame

UCY F1 | Particular frame