A new Italian sunglass concept



Sunglasses | Ugiaj Milano


Detail | Ugiaj Milano


Lying on the beach on hot day you decide to cool off with a dip in the sea. You jump in only to realize, as you see them sink away, that you forgot to take off your sunglasses.  If you’ve ever wished for a pair of light, but highly resistant sunglasses, then you ought to check out Ugiaj Milan. Angelo Piccioli and Irene Basili have created uniquely flexible sunglasses and are currently raising funds for full-scale production on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.



Draft of sunglasses | Ugiaj Milan



Draft | Ugiaj Milano

The Ugiaj design is made in Italy from ethylene-vinyl acetate free of any metal. Comfortable, durable and boldly styled, Ugiaj sunglasses are perfect for playing sports and have the colorful retro feel of wayfarer sunglasses. Put them in water and they’ll float.  Step on them and they won’t crack. Wear them under a scooter helmet and they won’t press against your temples. Slip them in your back pocket and you can still sit  down.



Detail | Ugiaj Milan


Sunglasses | Ugiaj Milan


Sunglasses | Ugiaj Milan