How can you pass on this incredibly original idea?

New undies, new socks, every month?  Mmmmm….!!!


A super society of underwear lovers!


Go to the Underwear Society website and find a gift that surprises you every month! They have the hippest, sexy, most comfortable, rare and hard to find socks and underwear.


Pretty socks and stockings too...


For a fee of only $30 a month, they select and send you a new pair of underwear and socks! All of the designers selected know the special and unique joy that a truly brilliant pair of socks or undies can give you. That Mmmmmmmm feeling of comfy and clean…



You, you and you – the thigh high person, the boxer brief bandito and the hiphugger honey – whatever your preference they will put together an exciting package based on your membership profile and send it to you.


Amazing thigh-highs!


Join the community!! Or better, join this incredible Society. You can send them event ideas, pics, follow them on facebook, and sign-up on their underwear-wonderful website!