Cuore | Liviana Osti


Valentine’s Day is coming!

Over the last few days we have been looking for a brand new Italian design product so that you can give your partner a brand new Valentine’s present.

Cuore” is definitely the most interesting gift that we have found. Made by Liviana Osti a young artist from northern Italy with several works already behind her, it’s the perfect offbeat Valentine’s Day present.  Its two blown-glass carafes are shaped like ventricles that, when placed together, form a human heart.  Add red wine and you’ve got an eye-catching centerpiece.  Add water and you’ve got a delicately understated reminder that hearts don’t belong just to Valentine’s day.

Remember, in Italy we say good wine makes good blood.

$ tbd | Want it? Grab it!

Valentine's Day Cuore

Cuore | Liviana Osti

Cuore | Liviana Osti