Talk with Vanessa Crocini

Name: My name is Vanessa Crocini but for everybody I am Vane. For others Vaness or Vani or simply V.

From: Born in Prato (Tuscany) from an Italian crazy/artistic dad and from a Romanian/Hungarian beautiful mom. I lived in Pistoia till 2001, then moved to Bologna. So Tuscan origins but with a residency in Abruzzo (the region on the other side of Rome, to make it clearer…)

Located: I live in the jungle/city of Angels but I am in love with Africa and its culture so much that I am thinking to move there soon and going back to a country that has deeply touched me: Kenya.

Traveler Life: I am never lazy to get on a plane to go somewhere. I would travel constantly with my camera and push the red button to record situations/places/landscapes/people’s activities/faces. Yes, I love documenting, not on paper but on video. Geographic boundaries: all BS to me! Cultural boundaries.. well, it depends… Respect is the key.

Food: FOOD is orgasmic to me. I love touching food, besides tasting it. Italian food is of course my favourite with my obsession for prosciutto, pronounced in the right Italian way. And I love how that word sounds: Pro-Sciu-TTo. Sexy and Tasty at the same time. Not to mention Nutella or gelato… but not to see me crazier than how I usually am, let’s just skip that part.

Philosophy: I have learned to live in the moment. Not an easy task for an Aries like me. My motto would be tutto e subito (everything now!) but I have learned that I can slow down and enjoy more. Like Africans say pole pole. Because things happen when you find yourself in the right spot at the right time so no hurry. Sometimes though still easier said than done.

You recognize me because… I smile a lot, I love to dance, to laugh, to imitate people I know. I absolutely adore to go by myself to the movie theater and to sing in my car, not to mention teaching some goofy stuff to my nieces when I get to spend some time with them. I love music, world/chill out music specially. I am curious. I like to observe and if that might means to stare, I will do it. I move my hands a lot when speaking and if I am nervous I start touching my nose. And I have cute freckles, since 2003 to be precised.

I wish… I could play the guitar and the drums. If my camera was not be my goddess, that’s what I would have tried to do.

What I am doing the moment: editing my documentary Get Together Girls, that I shot in Kenya, about a tailoring school/project of former street girls (which doesn’t mean former prostitutes, but with no family care, no place where to stay if not on the streets). GtoG is a project about empowering young African women and give them hope for a better future. And this is something that deeply touches me since I have an Ethiopian niece, Medina, 8 years old, that now speaks with a thick accent from Como, where she has lived with my sister since 2004.

Things I will do:

  • Shoot a documentary about how my parents met in 1970 in Romania and their incredible love story and adventures (all caught on tons of 8mm films) considering the historical situation of that time (Italian hippy/ revolutionary years vs Romanian communist dictatorship).
  • Touch that nice golden tiny a$$ of that ornament they award you with here in Hollywood… Wait, yes, I remember. They call it Oscar.
vanessa crocini in one of her trip

Vanessa Crocini enjoys her time


Vanessa Crocini with kids in Africa

Vanessa Crocini in Africa


Vanessa Crocini in Africa with kids

Vanessa Crocini showing the video just shot


Vanessa Crocini enjoying the African sun

Vanessa Crocini under the African sun