Vanessa Printed Velvet Bag


Here at Ganzo we’re all about originality, so why are we interested in such a seemingly traditional bag?  Look a little closer and you’ll find that this purse is much more than what it might seem.   From afar these velvet bags with soft leather handles appear to incorporate details from buckles to brightly colored pockets and of course the Roberta di Camerino name on a small luggage tag. Up close you’ll discover it’s all an illusion, since the details are illustrations printed on velvet.

Italian design house Roberta di Camerino, founded by Giuliana Coen, has been creating bags that are closer to art objects than accessories since the 1950s.  Her amazing conceptual works have won the admiration of great artists from Salvador Dalì to Giorgio de Chirico and you can wear one on your arm!

$ 650.00 – 769.00 | Want it?  Grab it!




Large Velvet Gigolo Travel Bag



Vanessa Printed Velvet Bag


Small Velvet Gigolo Travel Bag