1 AM… Here’s the bus… Bus on a train. Bus done. Here we go.
From England to Belgium and yet, another sea to cross… a bit different from sailing.

Crossing the English Channel

Sitting on tour bus having a laugh with Gareth (keyboard) Tiff (guitar)

Gareth & Tiff

Tour starts in 5…4…3…2…1

The great green bus

12 PM arrived in Leuven, Belgium…waiting for car to go to the venue.
From left Emily (drums) Me and Kat (bass)

Emily, Me and Kat

Gettin' ready

11 PM – DRESSING ROOM … early show…. was lots of fun! Great success ;) having a toast to celebrate our first show! Here’s a pic backstage with Mike our super talented sound engineer and Kat our brilliant bass player :) cheers!

Mike, Me and Kat