Yesterday’s concert was fun ;) After an evening of celebration on the bus, we got some good sleep and woke up in … LUXEMBURG. It’s now 3:30 pm and we’re getting ready for sound check @ Den Atelier. From all this pictures behind me and  it seems like a lot of great artists have played here :)

Since being founded in 1995, Den Atelier has hosted a number of world-famous headlining acts, including Blondie, Avril Lavigne, Cyndi Lauper, Good Charlotte, Motörhead, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Queens of the Stone Age & The Smashing Pumpkins.

Tricky boxing outside the venue before the gig … Training almost every day!

Go Tricky!

6pm soundcheck @ Den Atelier ... More vocals in my monitor pleeeease , Gareth, turn down your keyboards!

Photo by Dan Thuy

Photo by Dan Thuy

CONCERT done! Got the room till midnight before we leave for Spain … I’m having dinner in my cozy room… heavy dinner….. it rains …. missing the boyfriend…. pork and lentils it is! ….. Will burn it all off in the next 3 concerts in a row we have from tomorrow in Spain! To drink? Just water please….  had enough wine yesterday night cheering after the gig with Tricky and Adey, the best tour manager ever!  ;)

ROOM SERVICE... Chilling

LOVE ROOM SERVICE. Love everyone, but see you later … peace and quiet! :) On our way to Bilbao, Spain.