2 PM … After a night of PlayStation games that ended at 5:30 AM… Ummm where are we? Were do we go?…. Ah… We are in Madrid !! … A little walk and a lunch before soundcheck and all………..

Some members of the band... wating to discover the city of light...

8 o’clock. Soundcheck done. Hanging out with my mate Gareth :) And now let’s go have some dinner before the gig @ Sala Heineken. Old sala Arena get converted in one of Madrid best music venues.

Gareth & Me.

9 PM…..Getting ready for the show with the girls….. My iPhone is going mad! I’m trying to send you guys pictures of what is going on~!!!

We all love to get dressed for the show!

How do We look?! 10 min. makeup! …. Thanks Adey for taking the picture…. people are waiting …Time to go on stage!!!!

We look awesome!

Waiting to leave for Barcelona… 1:30 AM. Getting tired….. the boys are still put and about. Nick …. drive us safe to destination please :)

I love our Big Green Bus...

Tomorrow Barcelona. Songs? A few from last album but .. We do songs from each album from Maxinquay on! On set list there’s about 30 and every night is a surprise, always changes. He improvises, never know what’s gonna be the next song and every song will start and go into improvisation… He directs us all, he will point at you during the song and you’ll have to go with the flow…. in set list there’s also my track ” Veronika”, co-written and sang by me. It’s from the album “Knowle West Boy” . Cheers …. Time to leave for Barcelona my friends!

I <3 street signs!

About his latest album – Mixed Race – Tricky says:

The album’s called Mixed Race because being mixed race is the single biggest influence on my music. You sat down at the table in my house and you saw every colour. It’s made me much more open-minded than I could’ve been. I come from both worlds.