Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari


We’re used to seeing great-looking quality phones from Vertu, but we’re excited to see that with their new phone they have added some serious speed to their great style.

Next month is the release of the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari, a brand new smartphone born from the encounter between the British luxury brand and the Italian “Rossa.”  These two iconic brands, united by a shared passion for design, craftsmanship and performance, are collaborating to bring the spirit of an iconic GT car to life. Inspired by the Ferrari model 458 Italia, one of the main features of the phone is a steel-engraved Ferrari logo -  the Cavallino rampante.

All of the materials from brushed sapphire crystal to Ferrari leather and glossy black ceramics, have been carefully selected to make this a true luxury product. You can expect an equally high level of performance thanks to the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone’s 2.4 inch display, 128 MB RAM, half GB of internal memory, two  5 megapixel cameras and brand new proprietary software and applications.

$ 6,800.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Display | Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari


Two of the Vertu's color options


Vertu Constellation

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari