Italy, Texas: Wild Souls in the Hot, Blind Earth

With one successful short film already to their credit, Italian brand 55DSL brings us a new video from Irish-born director Aoife McArdle.  This time the team has set out for the US in order to find “the Italian essence in new frontiers.”  In fact, the video is shot entirely on the hot and dusty plains of Italy, Texas.


55DSL presents Italy, Texas by Aoife

55DSL presents Italy, Texas by Aoife McArdle


At this point you might be a little curious since you’ve probably never heard of Italy, Texas. Despite being experts in the Italian lifestyle as it’s lived outside of Italy, we had no idea there was such a place.  However, thanks to our excellent Wikipedia skills we can assure you that Italy, Texas (pop. 1,863) does exist just outside of Dallas.


A photo of downtown Italy, Texas

A photo of downtown Italy, Texas


From one Italy to another 55DSL’s video tells an imaginative and unusual tale that proves just how far Italian creativity can travel.


55DSL present ITALY, TEXAS a movie by Aofie McArdle from 55DSL on Vimeo.